Microdermabrasion? Don’t mind if I do.


Last January (a year ago), life asked me a question… to microderm or not to microderm? I said yes, attended six sessions and was pleasantly pleased.

This year, I received the same proposition. And because I was so happy with the results last time, I seized the opportunity. I was telling my best friend Leslie that after my first session, two separate people complimented my skin. Then again, this week, after session numero dos, another rando told me that my skin looked great. Now Leslie, being the skin product obsessed girl that she is, had to know the 411. This is when the realization occurred…

What exactly is microdermabrasion? Answer (thank you wiki): mechanical exfoliation or microresurfacing, is a method for facial rejuvenation that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation along with adjustable suction to sweep away the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis; a non-invasive procedure. I just remember the facialist mentioning something about crystals, a much “prettier” description.

So basically, its ultra, super exfoliation and I love it! My microdermabrasion specialist, Kristy, is at the Old World salon in Southlake, TX. She is the one responsible for the glow that is my face. It is purely a method of spoiling myself, yes. You should do it, too.


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