Monthly Archives: March 2011



So… maybe… I’m a planner, at least I can admit it. I like things to follow a schedule, to know what to expect from life, friends, events, everything! It helps reduce any anxiety, it helps me to accept change if I can plan what the change will be like. This “healthy obsession” is kinda where the title for my blog came from. I had been planning to get engaged for years – literally years! And then, it happened. Jeremy asked me and we became engaged and then it was like… WELL, WHAT DO I DO NOW? I didn’t know what else to plan for, obsess over or consume my daily life with now that I was actually engaged.

Now, here I am, with a practically planned wedding and 241 days to go. So… what do I do now? I obsess over the details, obviously. And this week, no today, my obsession is finding the shoes I will wear on my wedding day.