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I admit it, I’m nesting. I’m kinda over planning the wedding. I followed (stalked) several awesome blogs during the inspiration stages. Whenever I look at them now, I get totally re-inspired and want to change what I’ve already created. Therefore, I’ve forced myself to stop. Unfortunately, I need to fill this void with a new obsession. I’m moving on to decorating my new home with my new husband, aaah! Few glitches… don’t have said home as of yet, so not really a few glitches but more like one HUGE glitch which hasn’t stopped me from web browsing home goods.

Our first task… a king-size mattress! Not just any mattress but a non-toxic, eco friendly, uber crucnchy, granola mattress. I only want to catch ZZZZZs while I sleep not breaths full of synthetic materials and dangerous chemicals.

I know a mattress is an investment and worth plunging into savings for. I’m just not sure where to find it or who’s “seal of approval” I can trust.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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  1. Hey Jenine! Yes. Put the wedding blogs down and step away slowly. I did NOT enjoy planning my wedding – I enjoyed planning my life with the hubs, but not the actual day. If you ever get bored and want something new to read check out my blog:


    • Laura, as you know, I’ve been planning this wedding for almost 9yrs. I’ve made decisions (and deposits). I’m ready for the next thing! I can’t wait to check out LaLa Land and see what you’ve been up to!

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