Resolutions (ewww, scary) vs Goals (inspiring)



Happy 2012 to you!

New Year’s Resolutions always come off a bit initimidating to me, how about you? However, I do think it’s great and healthy to refocus for the new year. To make this easier for myself I prefer to have New Year’s Goals instead and this seems to work, at least for the first few weeks. Thus…

Jenine’s Goals for 2012

1. Learn something new… hopefully yoga!Image2. Give more of my time… become a Big Sister!BBBS3. Have patienceImage

What are your “goals” for 2012? Any advice for me with mine… I could use it!

Until Next Time,


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  1. Oh gosh! I would love to learn yoga! (Perhaps I can help you by being a yoga buddy!) You’ve got some amazing goals, Jenine!

    My New Years goal is to change my spending habits. Much like a person chooses to become Vegan, I’m choosing to spend less on stuff I don’t WANT and more on what I NEED. So far I’ve had a few difficult moments but I’m doing pretty well! I even have smaller goals throughout the year!

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