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Give {Peach} a Chance


Ladies and Gents, I’m pleased to announce it is once again peach season.

I’ve seen them at grocery stores and markets for a while but it wasn’t until this week that I actually made the purchase. I bought 3 peaches from a local farm knowing I needed to give them a few days bundled in a paper sack on my kitchen counter before I could savor their sweetness. Luckily, I’m blessed with patience (ha!).

I opened the paper bag this morning and my kitchen was immediately filled with the loud, peach fragrance. Today was the day I had been waiting for. I rinsed off my stone fruit and took a bite. I already knew to lean over the sink because these are chin-drippin’ peaches, make no mistake. It was delectable, enjoyable, amazing, delicious!

Here are some of my peach buyin’ tips:
1. look for unblemished fruit; no bruises or cuts
2. should be soft to the touch without breaking the skin
3. sniff the top of the fruit for the strong fragrance

Storing your peaches:
1. keep at room temperature, best place is in a paper sack on your kitchen counter
2. refrigeration should be avoided

I’ll post some peachy recipes later this summer but for now… I urge you, my reader, to go the farmer’s markert in your neighborhood and buy at least 1 peach, heck make it 2!

Pre-Sneeze Face


I am a big fan of the hilariously, blunt cards from Usually, I read them and have one of those “hmph”, relatable moments. This one, however, made me laugh out loud… on the couch… by myself! Mainly because I know I make that crazy about-to-sneeze-get-outta-my-way face every single time, especially now during allergy season.

Which someecard made you guffaw?

{Mission Impossible} Chair and a Half


My husband and I moved into our first place at the end of September. In the midst of planning our wedding, going on our European honeymoon and celebrating holidays with our families, we have been making this house our home… slowly! Our living room is seriously lacking. This is what we’re working with: a chocolate brown sofa, rich wood media stand and a new tv. I’d love to have a Super Bowl party (because, let’s face it, I love to have any party) but we need more seating.

We have looked all over the place! I’ll find something that’s perfect but it’s $800 and I just can’t justify that purchase for a temporary living situation. I’ve come across furniture that is cheap, small, expensive, large… pretty much everything but what I want. Maybe I’ve created something in my head that does not exist in the real world but I’m destined to find the missing link — my chair and a half!

The mission, if you accept, is as follows: I want a chair and a half. I want an ottoman. I want to spend less than $500. I want it to be patterned or at least a color. I don’t want microfiber.

Do you accept? Please, ACCEPT!

Resolutions (ewww, scary) vs Goals (inspiring)



Happy 2012 to you!

New Year’s Resolutions always come off a bit initimidating to me, how about you? However, I do think it’s great and healthy to refocus for the new year. To make this easier for myself I prefer to have New Year’s Goals instead and this seems to work, at least for the first few weeks. Thus…

Jenine’s Goals for 2012

1. Learn something new… hopefully yoga!Image2. Give more of my time… become a Big Sister!BBBS3. Have patienceImage

What are your “goals” for 2012? Any advice for me with mine… I could use it!

Until Next Time,


{Laundry} Sorting out life one load at a time


This morning, I woke up motivated and focused. After 2 cups of delicious coffee and some social media shmoozing… I lost it! Thus, my laundry piles continue to grow. Instead of taking on this task, I focused on just about ANYTHING else. Luckily for me, I was able to find some great images on the web to perpetuate my distraction.

Check it out!

Keep Calm and WASH On

I browsed etsy to find all of these “clean” treasures.

What do you do to procrastinate from your daily chores?

{Arch d’ triumph} Know your brow


Friday I shared the new eyebrow trend, check it out here.
Now, let’s talk about the how-to of eyebrows. I would personally recommend going to a professional for the first shaping strategy. After that initial procedure you can manage it on your own; maybe visiting the specialist every couple months for an update and to maintain the shape.


Waxing – This method can definitely get the job done.

Pros: widely offered at almost every nail salon or beauty salon, cost is $10-$25 depending on where you go
Cons: pretty painful, high maintance re-growth, be aware whether or not your allergic to any scents or brands of wax

Threading – New, trendy way for hair removal

Pros: similar cost to waxing $10-$25, hair stays maintained for a longer period of time
Cons: tediously painful, can cause skin irritation

There are other ways to go about this, as well. For example electrolysis or sugaring (hmmm…) If you are trying to get all gussied up for a big event, give yourself at least 2 days prior to the occasion in case you have a reaction to the treatment.

The rest is up to YOU! Here is a guide to a natural shaped brow:

Hold an eyeliner pencil up to your face creating these lines. The pencil will act as a point of reference. Go ahead and mark on your face if it’s easier for you to see what needs to be done. Just make sure you wash up before you go out in public.

You can see that each person will have their own style and possibly each brow could be slightly different. Before you begin plucking you should check for the following:

    1. a clean, dry surface (no lotions, creams, oils, make up)
    2. a magnifying mirror (the better to see you with, my dear)
    3. excellent lighting
    4. tweezers

Your worst enemy here is overplucking. You might get into the swing of things, think to yourself “Whoa, this isn’t half bad” and before you know it you’re a hot mess. We’re dealing with “less is more” here, people. Don’t get too excited, stay focused on the stray hairs that are sprouting not the ones that are firmly in place. Now, if you do go a bit crazy, stay calm. Run out to the store and grab an eyebrow pencil to fill in the missing follicles until they grow back.

How do you maintain the hair up there?

{Monday is for Music} The Cool Kids


“Let me introduce you to some kids that you ain’t used to…”

Mikey Rock and Chuck Inglish hail from the windy city that is Chicago. This rap, hip hop pair make up The Cool Kids, a clever and creative duo that keep me dancing and bobbing my head all day long. My favorite song off 2008s The Bake Sale is Bassment Party. I love when I can use song lyrics in everyday conversation, it makes me feel smart. Now, listen to this song and tell me that anytime you give someone directions, you won’t be inclined to say “make a right at the light, it’s the first house on the left”.

Jeremy and I had the privilege of seeing The Cool Kids perform last summer at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. It was ridiculously hot out but we danced, sang and got down. It’s definitely exciting to know every word to every song at a show!

*Jeremy, Mikey Rock and me at DOMA 2010

They just released a new album When Fish Ride Bicycles and I pleasantly approve. Send The Cool Kids a shout out in 140 characters or less on twitter, check out a live show or just stop by their site and sample some of their new sound.

{Fashion Friday} Let’s talk arches


“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow”
– Jack Black

In preparation for my upcoming nuptials, I am taking biotin (for my locks), partaking in daily arm work outs and most drastically growing out my eyebrows. I noticed a significant change in the eyebrow trend from thin to what some may call, bushy and I love it. You might say I’m obsessed and that would be okay.

I’m a pretty observant person. I study the things/people/colors around me. I often check out people’s eyebrows, it’s one of my many peculiarities. My arches have been sprouting since May, right after taking our engagement pics. I’m extremely self conscious of it and in order to ease the discomfort/embarassment, I’ll probably tell you I’m growing them out before you even notice. Leslie says I do this because I stare at everyone’s eyebrows and assume they do it but they don’t. No one can tell, it’s just me and my weird fixation.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one succombing to this life altering fashion. Check out the celebs these days, they’re all doing it.

*Camilla Belle

*Keira Knightly

*Megan Fox

*Jennifer Connelly

*Brooke Shields (now)

*Brooke Shields (then, always ahead of the trend)

I respect this fad. I think it looks mature, sophisticated and sexy. I just hope mine are where I want them to be by the time I walk down the aisle.

Next week, look for my post on how-to shape your brows and the different ways of grooming those forehead features.

Roses are red… and yellow and pink


Last week, workers were renovating the courtyard in front of my apartment. The flower beds were uprooted and prepped for AstroTurf, “thick and lush looking stuff” as the property manager put it. The underside of the 2nd level walkway was painted with potent, toxic paint that I could smell in my living room. I had to block this infecting odor from intruding my personal space… and this is how roses played such an important part of my life last week.
I went to Central Market with a strict, groceries only mindset. An hour later, after being lost in a myriad of expensive, organic deliciousness, I walked to the check-out area. The antique, comforting smell of the roses in the floral department overtook me. The prices were so enticing yet deceiving simultaneously. I lost all focus and had only one thought, my apartment reeks of paint! I set my buggie aside and walked right up to the gorgeous foliage. Garden roses and antique roses… my nose was in nasal heaven. If I had been a hound dog, I would be doing that point with the legs thing.
Naturally, and in accordance with any other obsession, I wound up taking home an abnormal number of breathtaking buds. My house was now filled with a welcoming aroma that karate chopped that offensive stench! It creates a sense of “fabulous” to have such lovely blooms sitting on my desk.

Now, my next mission is to find a truly remarkable vase!

{Monday is for Music} The Decemberists


Go ahead and thank me now for introducing you to the sweet sounds of The Decemberists. This indie-folk-blue grass-rock band originates from Portland, OR.
Most loved for their sweet ballads, The Decemberists are also known for pop-y, sing-a-long tunes. Frontman Colin Meloy began his creative career as a writer and luckily for us, he switched from jotting down story lines to penning clever and illustrative song lyrics. My mom says they sound like R.E.M. and because I’m oh, so loyal to my own, I defended Colin and his crew for their originality. Well, come to find out, I should have trusted my mom. R.E.M. is one of Colin’s fave bands and strongest influences. Their newest album “The King is Dead” is all over public radio (D/FW- 91.7FM). Jeremy’s preference is “The Hazards of Love”, a beautifully written tragic, love story. I was lucky to see this performed in its entirety live at ACL in 2009, in the rain screaming/singing with my love. My personal preference and the song I wake up singing is The Crane Wife 3 from “The Crane’s Wife”. For all you Austin-ites, you have the chance to check them out tonight at Stubb’s BBQ.

I hate to be a tease but unfortunately, these guys are taking a sabbatical for an undetermined amount of time. As stated above, Colin started out as a writer and has found his way back to that craft. Of course, you can look forward to more genius-ness from Mr. Meloy. He has published a chronicle titled Wildwood, something new to look for.

Feel free to tweet Colin and The Decemberists or check out the Wildwood Chronicles facebook page.

Enjoy the lovely melodies of The Decemberists!

P.S. wellwhatodidonow will be making a move later this week. I’ll keep you posted and please follow me to my new home.