Roses are red… and yellow and pink


Last week, workers were renovating the courtyard in front of my apartment. The flower beds were uprooted and prepped for AstroTurf, “thick and lush looking stuff” as the property manager put it. The underside of the 2nd level walkway was painted with potent, toxic paint that I could smell in my living room. I had to block this infecting odor from intruding my personal space… and this is how roses played such an important part of my life last week.
I went to Central Market with a strict, groceries only mindset. An hour later, after being lost in a myriad of expensive, organic deliciousness, I walked to the check-out area. The antique, comforting smell of the roses in the floral department overtook me. The prices were so enticing yet deceiving simultaneously. I lost all focus and had only one thought, my apartment reeks of paint! I set my buggie aside and walked right up to the gorgeous foliage. Garden roses and antique roses… my nose was in nasal heaven. If I had been a hound dog, I would be doing that point with the legs thing.
Naturally, and in accordance with any other obsession, I wound up taking home an abnormal number of breathtaking buds. My house was now filled with a welcoming aroma that karate chopped that offensive stench! It creates a sense of “fabulous” to have such lovely blooms sitting on my desk.

Now, my next mission is to find a truly remarkable vase!

{Monday is for Music} The Decemberists


Go ahead and thank me now for introducing you to the sweet sounds of The Decemberists. This indie-folk-blue grass-rock band originates from Portland, OR.
Most loved for their sweet ballads, The Decemberists are also known for pop-y, sing-a-long tunes. Frontman Colin Meloy began his creative career as a writer and luckily for us, he switched from jotting down story lines to penning clever and illustrative song lyrics. My mom says they sound like R.E.M. and because I’m oh, so loyal to my own, I defended Colin and his crew for their originality. Well, come to find out, I should have trusted my mom. R.E.M. is one of Colin’s fave bands and strongest influences. Their newest album “The King is Dead” is all over public radio (D/FW- 91.7FM). Jeremy’s preference is “The Hazards of Love”, a beautifully written tragic, love story. I was lucky to see this performed in its entirety live at ACL in 2009, in the rain screaming/singing with my love. My personal preference and the song I wake up singing is The Crane Wife 3 from “The Crane’s Wife”. For all you Austin-ites, you have the chance to check them out tonight at Stubb’s BBQ.

I hate to be a tease but unfortunately, these guys are taking a sabbatical for an undetermined amount of time. As stated above, Colin started out as a writer and has found his way back to that craft. Of course, you can look forward to more genius-ness from Mr. Meloy. He has published a chronicle titled Wildwood, something new to look for.

Feel free to tweet Colin and The Decemberists or check out the Wildwood Chronicles facebook page.

Enjoy the lovely melodies of The Decemberists!

P.S. wellwhatodidonow will be making a move later this week. I’ll keep you posted and please follow me to my new home.

Let them eat cake


After bowling with my mom, dad and fiance (I got a 47 in the last game) to celebrate my dad’s 54th birthday, we went back to the casa for a spectacular dessert! It’s not a birthday without birthday cake. So, in honor of the birthday boy, I made a german chocolate cake, his favorite… I thought. I did lots of research to find a “doctored” german chocolate cake recipe. I went with Barbara and she did not let me down. I aspire to make home made cakes especially for birthdays but I just don’t have the time, tools, ingredients or desire to totally make it from scratch. I started this whole “doctored” cakes thing a few years ago and it’s always worked in my favor. I find that I have more ownership of the cake when I add a few extra ingredients and a lot more love. Needless to say, the cake was a hit. Unfortunately, I found out german chocolate is not my dad’s favorite but I think he was pretty happy anyway!
Check out Barbara Bakes, she has plenty of delectable recipes to share.

{Summer Reading}


Summertime means lots of wonderful things — cool drinks poolside, patios with friends, bronze-ish tan and best of all, leisure reading. I haven’t been in school or had required reading in literally years. But still, this is my favorite season to catch up and drift away. I peruse my local public library’s new release section on a regular basis to find inspiration. I love walking the aisles of a dusty discount book store filled with half-price adventures. This summer, I’ve enjoyed…

*Ask Me Why I Hurt – The Book About the Kids Nobody Wants and the Doctor Who Heals Them by Dr Randy Christensen

*Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

*Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen I haven’t seen the movie yet, have you?

*Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen I’m currently reading this one. It has taken several attempts but I am determined to finish it this time even if it takes all summer and even if I read other books simultaneously.

The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of books.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What are you reading this summer?

Thought of the Day


I admit it, I’m nesting. I’m kinda over planning the wedding. I followed (stalked) several awesome blogs during the inspiration stages. Whenever I look at them now, I get totally re-inspired and want to change what I’ve already created. Therefore, I’ve forced myself to stop. Unfortunately, I need to fill this void with a new obsession. I’m moving on to decorating my new home with my new husband, aaah! Few glitches… don’t have said home as of yet, so not really a few glitches but more like one HUGE glitch which hasn’t stopped me from web browsing home goods.

Our first task… a king-size mattress! Not just any mattress but a non-toxic, eco friendly, uber crucnchy, granola mattress. I only want to catch ZZZZZs while I sleep not breaths full of synthetic materials and dangerous chemicals.

I know a mattress is an investment and worth plunging into savings for. I’m just not sure where to find it or who’s “seal of approval” I can trust.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

{Monday is for Music} Sufjan Stevens


Let’s start this week off with some tunes, Sufjan Stevens, from Detroit. The song “Chicago”, off the Illinoise album, always pops up on my Pandora stations. After tapping my toes to a few of his songs, I felt the need to spread the word. Take some time to listen to the song below.

What kind of tunes do you need to start your week?

{Fashion Friday} Look Ma, no hands


The last few years I’ve been spoiled by the crossbody bag. I can’t even shop for shoulder purses, wristlets or clutches. I don’t know if I can ever go back to that. I love the infinite freedom that comes with the “hands free” purse. This trend is growing and evolving. Today’s {Fashion Friday} is brought to you by… the belt bag!

my personal favorite.

Guys are doing it, too!

What do you think of this trend? Would you be caught in public with a belt bag?

Where the locals go…


I finally made it to the Dallas Farmers Market. I went in search of delicious, warm breads, juicy peaches, fresh produce. I came out with 2 of the 3. I learned that breads and eggs are only available on the weekends, no biggie, just another reason to go back. I did come home with some amazing peaches, juices that dripped down my chin as I ate it over the sink. I bought some other great produce, as well, at ridiculously favoring prices. I encourage you all to check out a farmers market near you.

Go out and support your local farmers!

A Sign from the Shoe Gods


A normal Monday for me… sleep until, oh, 11:30am, work for a few hours then shopping! Just kidding! But thanks to TAKS testing, I can work from home all week and my schedule is a bit more flexible.

I needed to get groceries and run a few errands. I knew Nordstrom would somehow be involved but I had no idea what the Shoe Gods had in store for me today. In my apartment parking lot, I saw a girl getting into her car wearing a pair of adorable wedges. I looked closer and realized they were TOMS wedges. Now originally I didn’t like these but they looked great on her! Then… while pumping ridiculously priced gas, I saw yet again, TOMS wedges!!! That is when I knew… I have to have them!

Needless to say, they have been ordered and now I wait for their delivery… nice, little Monday if you ask me!



So… maybe… I’m a planner, at least I can admit it. I like things to follow a schedule, to know what to expect from life, friends, events, everything! It helps reduce any anxiety, it helps me to accept change if I can plan what the change will be like. This “healthy obsession” is kinda where the title for my blog came from. I had been planning to get engaged for years – literally years! And then, it happened. Jeremy asked me and we became engaged and then it was like… WELL, WHAT DO I DO NOW? I didn’t know what else to plan for, obsess over or consume my daily life with now that I was actually engaged.

Now, here I am, with a practically planned wedding and 241 days to go. So… what do I do now? I obsess over the details, obviously. And this week, no today, my obsession is finding the shoes I will wear on my wedding day.