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{Fashion Friday} Let’s talk arches


“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow”
– Jack Black

In preparation for my upcoming nuptials, I am taking biotin (for my locks), partaking in daily arm work outs and most drastically growing out my eyebrows. I noticed a significant change in the eyebrow trend from thin to what some may call, bushy and I love it. You might say I’m obsessed and that would be okay.

I’m a pretty observant person. I study the things/people/colors around me. I often check out people’s eyebrows, it’s one of my many peculiarities. My arches have been sprouting since May, right after taking our engagement pics. I’m extremely self conscious of it and in order to ease the discomfort/embarassment, I’ll probably tell you I’m growing them out before you even notice. Leslie says I do this because I stare at everyone’s eyebrows and assume they do it but they don’t. No one can tell, it’s just me and my weird fixation.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one succombing to this life altering fashion. Check out the celebs these days, they’re all doing it.

*Camilla Belle

*Keira Knightly

*Megan Fox

*Jennifer Connelly

*Brooke Shields (now)

*Brooke Shields (then, always ahead of the trend)

I respect this fad. I think it looks mature, sophisticated and sexy. I just hope mine are where I want them to be by the time I walk down the aisle.

Next week, look for my post on how-to shape your brows and the different ways of grooming those forehead features.