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Let them eat cake


After bowling with my mom, dad and fiance (I got a 47 in the last game) to celebrate my dad’s 54th birthday, we went back to the casa for a spectacular dessert! It’s not a birthday without birthday cake. So, in honor of the birthday boy, I made a german chocolate cake, his favorite… I thought. I did lots of research to find a “doctored” german chocolate cake recipe. I went with Barbara and she did not let me down. I aspire to make home made cakes especially for birthdays but I just don’t have the time, tools, ingredients or desire to totally make it from scratch. I started this whole “doctored” cakes thing a few years ago and it’s always worked in my favor. I find that I have more ownership of the cake when I add a few extra ingredients and a lot more love. Needless to say, the cake was a hit. Unfortunately, I found out german chocolate is not my dad’s favorite but I think he was pretty happy anyway!
Check out Barbara Bakes, she has plenty of delectable recipes to share.