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{Mission Impossible} Chair and a Half


My husband and I moved into our first place at the end of September. In the midst of planning our wedding, going on our European honeymoon and celebrating holidays with our families, we have been making this house our home… slowly! Our living room is seriously lacking. This is what we’re working with: a chocolate brown sofa, rich wood media stand and a new tv. I’d love to have a Super Bowl party (because, let’s face it, I love to have any party) but we need more seating.

We have looked all over the place! I’ll find something that’s perfect but it’s $800 and I just can’t justify that purchase for a temporary living situation. I’ve come across furniture that is cheap, small, expensive, large… pretty much everything but what I want. Maybe I’ve created something in my head that does not exist in the real world but I’m destined to find the missing link — my chair and a half!

The mission, if you accept, is as follows: I want a chair and a half. I want an ottoman. I want to spend less than $500. I want it to be patterned or at least a color. I don’t want microfiber.

Do you accept? Please, ACCEPT!