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{Monday is for Music} The Cool Kids


“Let me introduce you to some kids that you ain’t used to…”

Mikey Rock and Chuck Inglish hail from the windy city that is Chicago. This rap, hip hop pair make up The Cool Kids, a clever and creative duo that keep me dancing and bobbing my head all day long. My favorite song off 2008s The Bake Sale is Bassment Party. I love when I can use song lyrics in everyday conversation, it makes me feel smart. Now, listen to this song and tell me that anytime you give someone directions, you won’t be inclined to say “make a right at the light, it’s the first house on the left”.

Jeremy and I had the privilege of seeing The Cool Kids perform last summer at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. It was ridiculously hot out but we danced, sang and got down. It’s definitely exciting to know every word to every song at a show!

*Jeremy, Mikey Rock and me at DOMA 2010

They just released a new album When Fish Ride Bicycles and I pleasantly approve. Send The Cool Kids a shout out in 140 characters or less on twitter, check out a live show or just stop by their site and sample some of their new sound.