Monthly Archives: July 2011

{Fashion Friday} Look Ma, no hands


The last few years I’ve been spoiled by the crossbody bag. I can’t even shop for shoulder purses, wristlets or clutches. I don’t know if I can ever go back to that. I love the infinite freedom that comes with the “hands free” purse. This trend is growing and evolving. Today’s {Fashion Friday} is brought to you by… the belt bag!

my personal favorite.

Guys are doing it, too!

What do you think of this trend? Would you be caught in public with a belt bag?

Where the locals go…


I finally made it to the Dallas Farmers Market. I went in search of delicious, warm breads, juicy peaches, fresh produce. I came out with 2 of the 3. I learned that breads and eggs are only available on the weekends, no biggie, just another reason to go back. I did come home with some amazing peaches, juices that dripped down my chin as I ate it over the sink. I bought some other great produce, as well, at ridiculously favoring prices. I encourage you all to check out a farmers market near you.

Go out and support your local farmers!