{Monday is for Music} The Decemberists


Go ahead and thank me now for introducing you to the sweet sounds of The Decemberists. This indie-folk-blue grass-rock band originates from Portland, OR.
Most loved for their sweet ballads, The Decemberists are also known for pop-y, sing-a-long tunes. Frontman Colin Meloy began his creative career as a writer and luckily for us, he switched from jotting down story lines to penning clever and illustrative song lyrics. My mom says they sound like R.E.M. and because I’m oh, so loyal to my own, I defended Colin and his crew for their originality. Well, come to find out, I should have trusted my mom. R.E.M. is one of Colin’s fave bands and strongest influences. Their newest album “The King is Dead” is all over public radio (D/FW- 91.7FM). Jeremy’s preference is “The Hazards of Love”, a beautifully written tragic, love story. I was lucky to see this performed in its entirety live at ACL in 2009, in the rain screaming/singing with my love. My personal preference and the song I wake up singing is The Crane Wife 3 from “The Crane’s Wife”. For all you Austin-ites, you have the chance to check them out tonight at Stubb’s BBQ.

I hate to be a tease but unfortunately, these guys are taking a sabbatical for an undetermined amount of time. As stated above, Colin started out as a writer and has found his way back to that craft. Of course, you can look forward to more genius-ness from Mr. Meloy. He has published a chronicle titled Wildwood, something new to look for.

Feel free to tweet Colin and The Decemberists or check out the Wildwood Chronicles facebook page.

Enjoy the lovely melodies of The Decemberists!

P.S. wellwhatodidonow will be making a move later this week. I’ll keep you posted and please follow me to my new home.

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